Craig David Long
Craig David Long
"It was hard to get a painting that was despicable enough so that no one would hang it—everybody was hanging everything. It was almost acceptable to hang a dripping paint rag, everyone was accustomed to this. The one thing everyone hated was commercial art; apparently they didn’t hate that enough either."
Roy Lichtenstein
"I put a picture up on a wall. Then I forget there is a wall. I no longer know what is there behind this wall, I no longer know this wall is a wall, I no longer know what a wall is. I no longer know that in my apartment there are walls, and that if there weren’t any walls, there would be no apartment. The wall is no longer what delimits and defines the place where I live, that which separates it from other places where other people live, it is nothing more than a support for the picture. But I also forget the picture, I no longer look at it, I no longer know how to look at it. I have put a picture on the wall so as to forget there was a wall, but in forgetting the wall, I forget the picture, too. There are pictures because there are walls. We have to be able to forget there are walls, and have found no better way to do that than pictures. Pictures efface walls. But walls kill pictures. So we need continually to be changing, either the wall or the picture, to be forever putting other pictures up on walls, or else constantly moving the picture from one wall to another."
Georges Perec
The Gardens at Casa da Ínsua Hotel. Penalva do Castelo, Portugal. October 2012.
Overlooking the Baroque gardens at Casa da Ínsua Hotel and the village of Penalva Do Castelo, Portugal. October 2012.
The majestic Douro River. Lamego, Portugal. October 2012.
Jose and Ana, our hosts at Zimbro (Douro Valley). Peso da Régua, Portugal. October 2012.
Resident gato at Zimbro (Douro Valley). Peso da Régua, Portugal. October 2012.
Resident gato at Zimbro (Douro Valley). Peso da Régua, Portugal. October 2012.
A quiet place. Zimbro (Douro Valley). Peso da Régua, Portugal. October 2012.
Neil amongst the fog and hanging vines at Quinta do Noval (Douro Valley). Pinhão, Portugal. October, 2012.
Looking back on the road to Quinta do Noval (Douro Valley) and its vineyards. Pinhão, Portugal. October 2012.
Passing the station in Rede. Vila Real, Douro, Portugal. October 2012.
São Gonçalo Bridge. Amarante, Portugal. October 2012.
What Douglas Coupland Told Me About his New Book
Tâmega River, Amarante, Portugal. October 2012.
My signature sport sock. (at Nairn Falls)